We Need You To Volunteer!
To Volunteer!

The GNRHS is looking for volunteers to fill several open officer positions, as well as help on various committees and help at our archives. If you are interested in volunteering for any of the following positions, please go to: https://gnrhs.org/volunteers for more detailed information on the position.

President – position will be open at the close of the GNRHS Fargo Convention in Summer 2019.

Goat Managing Editor – position will be open after the June 2019 Goat publication date.

Marketing Officer – Manage the Company Store, source new products, provide customer service. Position open December 2018.

National Convention Officer – Will need to start initial planning of the 2021 Convention soon (in 2018).

Assistant Webmaster – Help maintain the GNRHS website and GNRHS Store software.

Co-Membership Officer – Design and manage recruitment initiatives including train show presence.

Volunteer Coordinator – welcome aspiring volunteers and match them up with the correct department within the GNRHS.

Modeling Committee Member – Help run the Modelers’ Pages and new modeling products for the Company Store.

Archive Volunteers – Jackson Street Roundhouse Archives – St. Paul, MN and PNRA Archives, Burien WA – Help in cataloging our large GN Archive holdings.

More detailed information on these positions is available at: https://gnrhs.org/volunteers

Your Society runs with the assistance of volunteers and we REALLY need your help. If you are a member in good standing and would like to assist, we would like to have you.

Contact the GNRHS President, Don McGlothln, to volunteer or if you have questions about any of these positions.