Great Northern Railway Historical Society

Contribute to the Calendar

The GNRHS encourages its members, indeed anyone, to contribute photos to the calendar. If you have any photos about the Great Northern you’d like to share, please give us a call or send us an email.

About the GNRHS Calendar

The GNRHS calendar features color and black & white photos from many aspects of the Great Northern Railway, as well as facts on the Great Northern Railway. The Calendar is included in the September Goat package.

Submitting Photos

Photos, slides, postcards and other images should be submitted to the Calendar Editor. He will review your photos and description and prepare them for publication. Photo (e.g. 300dpi if scanning) guidelines should be discussed with our Photo and Layout Editor. In all cases, the decision of the Calendar Editor is final.

Photo suggestions for next year's Calendar should be submitted before June 1st.

Publishing Rights

Calendar contents is copyrighted by GNRHS. All or parts of the calendar may not be reprinted without written permission of the Managing Editor. Original photos, slides, etc. are returned to the author after publication. Since the GNRHS is a non-profit volunteer organization, contributors are not compensated for their work.


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