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Modeling the GNR?

The Society regrets we cannot answer your specific GN modeling questions. The quarterly Great Northern Goat is a tremendous resource, and back issues of the Goat's Modelers Pages are available below. For specific questions your best bet would be to join the GN Online Discussion group and post your modeling question there.  We provide the following links as a courtesy to aid your search.

GN Models by Scott Thompson

Reference Sheet #28 (GN Color Schemes with Paint Chips)

GNRHS Modelers' Pages

Sold-Out GNRHS Kits

And some Great Northern model railroads:

Dan Mitchell's Great Northern

Lee Marsh's Cascade Division

Jim Ferguson's Great Northern

Great Northern Flyer

Bill Sornsin's Cascade Division

Joel Weeks' Great Northern Willmar Division

Sam Parfitt's Great Northern in HO Scale - and videos

Here are some commercial sites you may find useful:

Athearn Models

Atlas Models

Kadee Models

Intermountain Railway

Walthers - The Model Railroad Mall