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The GNRHS is dedicated to the preservation, study, and history of one of America's greatest railroads, the Great Northern Railway.

To Society Members, we offer carefully-researched Reference Sheets, a quarterly GN Goat publication, an annual calendar, discounts on model kits, books, CD's and other items, and an annual convention to discover all that is the Great Northern Railway. Learn more.

For researchers the GNRHS Archives have historic documents and photos available on a wide range of subjects covering the Great Northern.

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Latest News

Company Store Survey

Thank you to all who responded to our recent store survey. We got much good feedback about possible new products, and will be proceeding with production of the N scale grain elevator and water tank with pump house.

Interestingly, five people asked for things that we already have in the store. We have been adding items as rapidly as possible, some custom and some from higher volume manufacturers like InterMountain and Accurail.

To keep up with what is happening, please check the store out at least twice per year to see what is there. 

  Posted on October 25, 2021, by

Convention Videos are Live!

190 members enjoyed last month’s GNRHS Virtual Convention. The Board meeting had 33 attendees, the business meeting 39 (about the same as our live conventions!), and Bob Kelly’s Archives presentation drew 54 people. Other presentations averaged about 50 attendees. And the auction of 30 donated items raised about $4,000 for the Society.

We have good news if you weren’t able to attend, or if you’d like to rewatch a presentation: videos of the presentations are now available on the GNRHS YouTube channel.

This was a first-time experience for the Society – thanks to all who worked so hard to prepare, and to all of you who attended! We do look forward to putting the pandemic mostly behind us and meeting in person next year in Nelson, BC.

  Posted on October 19, 2021, by

GNRHS Board of Directors Nominations Are Due Oct. 24

This is a call for nominations to serve on the GNRHS Board of Directors. At least two positions, and perhaps three, are open this year. This is your chance to actively participate in creating the future of the society. Directors are elected to six year terms.

The Board meets annually at the GNRHS Convention and communicates during the year by email and Zoom meetings. Board members receive no financial compensation for travel or convention fees. Travel costs to the Annual Meeting may be tax deductible. Consult your accountant.

To qualify for Board membership, you must be a member in good standing as defined in the Operations Manual, which is on the GNRHS website. Expectations include attending the Annual Meeting, reviewing financial and policy documents, and responding promptly to emails.

Please consider serving. The time required is modest and the experience is rewarding. Self-nominations are encouraged.

Send your nomination(s), along with a one or two page biography and statement via email to:

The Nominating Committee will accept nominations until October 24, 2021. Ballots will be sent to members in December. New Directors will be seated early in 2022.

  Posted on September 13, 2021, by

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