A bit over six months ago we moved the GNRHS Company Store to new software, Shopify. With the help of Bill Sornsin, we made it reasonably easily except for two things.

First, Shopify does NOT have the capability to identify members by member number. This was a bit of custom programing that we did not think was worth the cost in money and time to continue. This has caused some confusion for those who were used to accessing their account by member number. The new process is to simply fill in the blanks the first time you check out. They system will recognize you in later transactions based on your email address.

Second, since we no longer capture member numbers, we emailed a member discount code to every member. I hope you kept that email or saved the code somewhere, but if you need it, please click here and select “Store” to contact me, and I will give it to you.

We added several new items in 2020 and more are on the way. The next structure will be 50,000 gallon wood water tank kits in both HO and N. These were used all over the system. They will look great on any steam era layout. The 20,000 bushel elevator at Touhey WA, also in HO and N, will be in the store next, near the end of this year. Every GN model railroad needs at least one grain elevator. Some stations had five or six. N scale modelers, I took a chance in doing these structures and the Republic depot for you. You need to buy these things if you want me to continue to offer N scale items. The next car will be USRA 40 ton boxcars in HO scale. These are Accurail shells, which are excellent models of the USRA cars, custom painted with correct numbers available in both front facing and side facing goats.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we are now offering back issues of all our publications in electronic format, and at reduced prices. These are immediately available downloads. This project was well underway before I came to the store. It was not my vision, but again with Bill’s help, we made this great advance. After December 31, 2020 we will no longer offer hard copies of Goats, Reference Sheets, and Modelers Pages. The sole exception will be the color card reference sheet. If you want hard copy Reference Sheets or quarterly Goat publications, get them now. Available in the US only due to high foreign mailing costs.