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Need for Goat Editor

Urgent Need to Find a New Editor for the Great Northern Goat As reported in the December issue of the “Goat,” Ed Stankard has announced he will step down after publishing the June 2019 “Goat.” There is very little time remaining to recruit a worthy candidate and prepare him/her for the job of coordinating the Read more

December GNRHS Goat has shipped

The December 2018 GNRHS Goat package has shipped to our Members. See its contents. Copies of this issue are available for purchase through our Company Store for both members as well as non-members. NEW! The December 2018 Goat is also available as a digital download (PDF). Consider joining today to get the Goat included FREE in your membership, Read more

2018 Bellingham Convention includes B.C. tour

Having previously visited in 1996, GNRHS once more held its convention in Bellingham, Washington. Highlights included tours of the Bellingham area and an all-day venture into Canada where we visited the ex-GN depot at White Rock, the Cloverdale interurban museum and the Burnaby Central miniature railway in Confederation Park. There was a wide range of Read more


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