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The GNRHS is dedicated to the preservation, study, and history of one of America's greatest railroads, the Great Northern Railway.

To Society Members, we offer carefully-researched Reference Sheets, a quarterly GN Goat publication, an annual calendar, discounts on model kits, books, CD's and other items, and an annual convention to discover all that is the Great Northern Railway.

For researchers the GNRHS Archives have historic documents and photos available on a wide range of subjects covering the Great Northern.

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Latest News

GNRHS presence at the Helena Train Show

Helena RR Show 2015
Helena RR Show 2015

GNRHS representatives recruited seven new members and processed two renewals at the Helena, MT RR Fair held on April 26th. President Don McGlothlin, Vice President John Langlot and Membership Recruiter Jerry Barsness were on hand to represent the GNRHS.

The next area event will be the three day Memorial Day display in Spokane.

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2015 Convention ‘Earl Currie Limited’ excursion train – UPDATE

Earl Currie Limited
Earl Currie Limited

There will be an excursion train pulled by our own Hustle Muscle SD45 locomotive on Saturday, July 18, 2015. We have had to change the schedule and venue to another location. While the trip will be shorter, we have added a tour of the BNSF Northtown Diesel Shop (NDS) at nearby Northtown Yard as part of the package to make a fulfilling event for all. The 3-hour train excursion will originate at the Minnesota Transportation Museum (MTM) facility at Osceola, WI.

Total cost is $60 per person, children under 18 $50 each. This includes a cake and water treat near the Northtown yard and a box lunch on the train.

There is no premium seating but all riders will have the opportunity to ride for about 20 minutes in a former business observation car that is among the 6 former GN cars in the consist, all painted in the classic Empire Builder orange and green colors.

Unfortunately it was not possible to get the former GN Great Dome “Prairie View“, owned by a third party, over to Osceola for this trip. It is scheduled separately by that owner timed to come by Amtrak from Chicago to St. Paul Friday night, July 17, and return to Chicago Thursday, July 23. It was advertised in the previous issue of the Goat.


You may use the Company Store to register and pay for your participation. Please go to the 2015 Convention Registration form (sign-in first) and add the tour in the normal fashion.

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New GNRHS Website

New GNRHS website
New GNRHS website

The Great Northern Railway Historical Society is happy to introduce it’s new and improved website. The new website has a fresh modern design and features integration with the most popular social media, like facebook, twitter and YouTube.

The website is fully responsive, changing layout automatically to fit computer screens, tablets and smartphones allowing for the best experience on each type of device.

The new website features a news section which allows for easy sharing of the latest GN and GNRHS news as well as easy access by different authors.

The main menu is not only a menu but also a summary of all that is the GNRHS.

The website features all well known departments but many new items will be added soon.

As the old website is quite large it will take a bit of time to convert all pages to the new website format.

Please let us know what you think. Contact the webmaster.

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Doug EnoIs there any information on where this picture of S2s 2584 and 2582 was taken?6 hours ago
Lin BensonCool!6 hours ago

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Paul Darrowback in the 70s ,working the Columbia Falls section ,we had a 3 door 11/2 ton International that would not die !9 hours ago
Gary Richard NelsonThis truck was assigned to Breckenridge Yard, rode in it many times between 1967/ 1970 , before I was transferd to the Twin Cities in 1971.8 hours ago   ·  1
Tom PickettGreat picture of a good ol' Cornbinder.5 hours ago

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Great Northern Railway Historical Society shared Great Northern & Cascade Railway's photo. ... See MoreSee Less

A picture from the past, mid '70s I would guess. A ghostly image of the old Great Northern substation looms above the B.N. snowplow in Skykomish. The Substation sat right where the Depot is now. The reason this image is posted is because Saturday is National Train day, started by Amtrak in 2008 to p...

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Daniel Murphymy first day on the BN was started there. Molly Sweet peas was the Bar and The mom and pop motel was next to the river.7 hours ago
Daniel MurphyFirst 14 years was spent working Washington and Oregon on Rail Detectors.7 hours ago

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Dakotan on the Stone Arch Bridge
GNRHS Archives Newby collection
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Neil Childress JrRode the Dakotan many times between Rugby, North Dakota and the Twin Cities after getting off the overnight CB&Q train between Chicago and Twin Cities.1 day ago
Dan ZeugIt's there anyway to order a large print of this?1 day ago
Michael KaplonskiThere was a post on here recently, I believe, about the hind car with the odd window band. Some sort of experimental scheme?22 hours ago

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