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People of the GNRHS

The GNRHS would not function without the efforts of so many people. None of the positions within the Society are paid. As volunteers we do everything from creating this web site to processing new member applications to organizing conventions. The following people are just a small fraction of who makes the GNRHS go. Here are some of the people I met at Great Falls:

Connie Hoffman is our Secretary-extraordinaire...a member of the GNRHS since 1983. She became interested in the GN through her husband Larry's modeling interests. Connie and Larry have an extensive collection of GN memorabilia. As Secretary, Connie handles all official correspondence of the GNRHS including membership applications.

The gentleman on the left is Peter Thompson. Peter was a long-time President and Director of the GNRHS. Since "retiring" from those activities, he now contents himself with Layout and Production Editor duties on the GN Goat magazine. On the right is Cliff Salmon who is not only our "Back Issues Officer" and "Files Curator", but also advises yours truly (Lindsay Korst) on the GNRHS web page content.

Scott Tanner is a recently-elected Board Member of the GNRHS. Scott is an avid collector of historical GN Goat magazines, Winold Reiss Blackfeet Indian portraits and all-around GN history enthusiast.

Joseph Shine has written two fine books for Four Ways West Publications on the Great Northern with a third "in the works". Joe published, "Great Northern Color Pictorial, Volume 1" in 1992 and "Great Northern Color Pictorial, Volume 2 in 1993. The former deals with the GN Electrics and First Generation Diesels. The latter deals with Second Generation Diesels and the Big Sky Blue era.

I couldn't resist a photograph of the canine contingent of the GNRHS. "Field", a very well-mannered English Sheepdog poses with his master for the camera during one of the evening seminars. Field is owned by Gary and Sheryl Klouda. Gary is on the masthead of the GN Goat as a Layout and Production Editor for the GNRHS.