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Sights around Great Falls

The city itself was named for the Great Falls of the Missouri River, a series of waterfalls which presented a major obstacle to water-borne transport. Here we see Rainbow Falls and Dam just northeast of the city. In the background, you can see the former Great Northern (now BNSF) bridge over the Missouri. This line originally ran from Great Falls up to near Havre where it rejoined the east-west mainline or "Hi-Line". This line no longer goes through between the two cities.

The former Great Northern Railway passenger depot is located in downtown Great Falls on the east bank of the Missouri River. It has been refurbished inside and is used as offices for the local utility company.

Great Northern also had a diesel shop in Great Falls. Miraculously, "Great Northern Railway" still appears in huge white letters on the side of the shop. The diesel shop is located on the west bank of the Missouri and is difficult to photograph as you are always "shooting south" or into the sun.

Another marvelous relic from the past is this "gallows"-style turntable located close to the diesel shop.