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Great Falls 1998 Convention Agenda

The 1998 GNRHS Convention was held in Great Falls, Montana from Sunday, July 19 to Wednesday, July 22. All "indoor" events (seminars, Rail Fare swap meet, etc) were held at the Best Western Heritage Inn in Great Falls. Below is the schedule of events and tours:

Sunday, July 19:

0830...Board of Directors Meeting
1330 to 1600...Registration for convention.
1630 to 1800...Rail Fare setup and Convention Displays setup.
1800 to 2100...Rail Fare and Displays

Monday, July 20:

0830 to 1130...Registration and Rail Fare conclude.
1300 to 1400...SEMINAR - "How to Build a Railroad" by Tom Demopoulos.
1400 to 1500...SEMINAR - "Great Falls Motor Freight Operations" by Stan Warner and Stan Warner, Jr. with Richard Yeremko as moderator.
1500 to 1600...SEMINAR - "Great Falls and Canada" by Jack Hayne.
1600 to 1700...GN Veterans Roundtable Discussion.
1700 to 1830...Dinner on your own.
1830 to 1930...SEMINAR - "Preserving Your Collection" by Steve Neumann.
1930 to 2030...SEMINAR - "Marias Pass - A Historical Perspective" by Bill Taylor.
2030 to 2045...Discuss tour to East Glacier for the following day.
2045 to 2145...Business Meeting.

Tuesday, July 21:

0715 to 1800...Tour to Shelby, Cut Bank, East Glacier and Marias Pass. Lunch at Glacier Park Station.
2030 to 2130...SEMINAR - "Montana Central" by Father Dale Peterka
2130 to ????...SEMINAR - "GN Passenger Cars - Modeler's Clinic" by Paul Hobbs.

Wednesday, July 22:

0800 to 0815...Buses load at Heritage Inn.
0815 to 0945...Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center.
1000 to 1115...C.M. Russell Museum.
1115 to 1400...Visit GN caboose X-101. Lunch at Mehmke's - A large collection of steam tractors and other farm equipment. Jack Hoover's X-757 GN "drover's coach" and Anaconda Co. Shay locomotive.
1400 to 1600...Return to Great Falls via Rainbow Falls overlook of GN bridge. Visit BNSF facility.
1730 to 1830...Social Hour
1830 to 2000...Banquet
2000 to 2100...SEMINAR - "Passenger Operations in Great Falls" by John Strauss, Jr.
2100 to 2130...Drawings and Door Prizes