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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Photos from left to right:

#1 - Welcome to Minot!; #2 - Minot convention banner courtesy of GNRHS
member Kris Werner and www.tag-up.com; #3 - Convention-master,
John Tracy.

The GNRHS Board of Directors meeting in Minot, Sunday morning.

Registration and Welcome

#1 - The past, present and future of GNRHS; #2 - John Tracy welcomes us to Minot; #3 - Bev and John Tracy helping with registration and putting on another great GNRHS convention.  Thanks guys!!!

Railfair - Candids - Socializing

#1 - Bob Kelly has quite a crowd at his table; #2 & #3  Lots of local history was
on display for convention attendees to peruse; #4 - Jim Jordan and his wife sell
his railroad artwork; #5 - Norm Priebe and Jack Porzig have a chat.

Evening Presentations

#1 - Cheri Bonebrake shows what happens when an Amtrak F40 tangles with
a car; #2 - Father Dale Peterka launches into another great slide show.