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An image from the Boeing Employee Model Railroad Club's former layout in Kent, WA. After losing their space, they began construction in 2011 of a new multi-deck layout at the PNRA (Pacific Northwest Railroad Archive) facility in Burien, WA.

A photo from Lee Marsh's beautiful layout, featured at length in the December 2012 GN Goat (purchase a copy here). About his photos, Lee writes "the secret ingredient is the Helicon Focus program... it is simple, cheap and allows unbelievable depth-of-field for our kind of layout photography. The program basically combines photos taken from the same spot (on a tripod or other rigid mount) that each have a different focal length. The photos in the article were all produced with this software using photos taken with a middle-of-the-road digital camera and with room lighting - nothing special. The above photo was produced with the program and is a composite of about 20 photos. This shot presents one of the most difficult perspective shots imaginable, but it works. I have been blown away with what you can do with this program."