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Page Three

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From: Public Relations Department
Great Northern Railway
St. Paul, Minnesota

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The sticker above shows the official trade-mark of the railway. This monogram is applied to all new equipment and to older as repaired. Various color combinations are used, depending on color of the equipment. Until completion of monogram standardization on locomotives, cars and other Great Northern property, the trademark will be seen in varying design.


The green, orange and yellow or imitation gold referred to throughout are duplicated on the attached swatches, which should be followed for exact hues. Streamliner trains, diesel-electric and all-electric locomotives, motor cars and most other passenger cars are in this color combination. Two attached cards show the color scheme. The smaller card reveals the arrangement used on nearly all of the diesels. The larger card has colors and the front styling appearing on a small number of passenger diesels, and coloring on all streamlined cars and most of the conventional-type cars. Scotch-lite reflective material, in colors specified, is used for lettering and numbers on some passenger and freight equipment in addition to the instances of use that are cited.


Exterior is black, including tender. Lettering and numbers in white. Monogram on tender is 54 inches from outer edge to outer edge, with outer circle white, letters white on black background, goat and mountain white in inner field of caboose red.

LOCOMOTIVES - Diesel-Electric

Orange, green and yellow. Small card attached has styling for all passenger, freight and switching locomotives except that the one-unit 2000-hp passenger diesels have the arrangement shown on the larger attached card. Underframe, trucks and pilot are black except that trucks on some passenger locomotives are aluminum color. Lettering in imitation gold. Monogram on front of each operating cab is 24-inch, with outer and inner circles white, area between circles black with lettering in white, goat and mountain white in field of caboose red. On switchers runways are black except that stripe along bottom of runway is aluminum; monogram on sides has outer and inner circles of white, lettering in white on green background, goat and mountain white in field of caboose red.