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GNRHS 2020 Calendar
GNRHS 2020 Calendar

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The GNRHS Calendar contains 12 great large-format photos of Great Northern engines, and one caboose. All the important dates in GN history are included, as well as this year's GNRHS Convention. Don't miss it!

Calendar Photographs by Month:

Jan - Engine 241 an "American Standard" built in 1870 for StP&P. Photo was probably taken in the 1920s.
Feb  - Engine 849, class C-1 eight wheel switcher.
Mar - Spokane Falls & Northern engine 3, a 2-6-0. Photo taken between 1889 and 1907.
Apr - 4-6-0 engine 965 with a passenger train.
May - 4-6-2 engine 1371 with a passenger train.
Jun - 2-6-2 engine 1524 at King Street Station in Seattle.
Jul - 2-8-2 engine 3359 at Delta WA in 1926 after conversion from a 2-6-6-2 mallet.
Aug - 2-10-2 engine 2106.
Sep - Simple articulated R-1 2-8-8-2 engine 2035 at Hillyard WA in 1948 or '49.
Oct - 4-8-4 engine 2550 bringing eastward Fast Mail into St. Paul Union Depot.
Nov - Z-1 electric engines 5000A and 5000B at Skykomish WA.
Dec - Three unit set of FT diesels at Hillyard, all numbered 302.
Jan  '21 - Caboose X100, built 1966.
Cover - Columbia River bridge near Rock Island WA.

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