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GN 40 foot stock car, single deck, BSB, number 55327
GN 40 foot stock car, single deck, BSB, number 55327

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HO kit with trucks and magnetic couplers.

This is a 40’ single deck stock car, GST S3, in Big Sky Blue paint, number 55327 with fish belly underframe, which is correct. The body is not an accurate match for GN series 55200-55399 of which we have no photo in blue. There is a photo of a 40’ stock car in Big Sky Blue on Page 104 of Volume 1 of Scott Thompsons Great Northern ‘color’ book. The real car of this number was converted to a stock car in 1958.

Great Northern’s 40-foot stock cars were rebuilt from 40-foot boxcars between 1951 and 1960. As of January 1942, GN owned 1,888 nominal 36-foot long stock cars and the 60 40-foot long cars had a carrying capacity of only 60,000 pounds. The entire fleet was obsolete and nearing the end of their service life. Even before WW II, livestock traffic had proved to be particularly susceptible to truck competition due to relatively short hauls, and truck’s usually shorter transit times due to avoiding rail switching time and delay. Under the post-war circumstances, low-cost rebuilding of older cars was the obvious decision to support a declining traffic.  Single deck cars were used to transport cattle hand horses, predominately cattle.

Given the age of the cars by the time Big Sky Blue paint was introduced in May of 1967, and the rapidly declining demand for livestock shipments by rail at that time, it is a surprise that any stock cars were painted Big Sky Blue.



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