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GN 62 ft Oriental Limited coach #800-852 kit - HO Scale
GN 62 ft Oriental Limited coach #800-852 kit - HO Scale

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GN 62 ft Coach #800-852

HO Scale Produced by The Bethlehem Car Works.

This kit is intended to represent Great Northern first-class coaches originally received from Barney & Smith as GN 4100-4159 from February through December of 1910.

Many of these cars received partitions which separated them into smoking sections and first-class coach sections. During the major passenger car renumbering of 1926 and 1927, these "combination coaches" were renumbered as 732-737. The others became numbers 800-852. Then in 1929 and 1930, numbers 800-812 also received partitions and became combination coaches." The first of the coaches to be retired were eight cars which were apparently sold in July 1930. Up to this point, there is no evidence that any of the cars had received steel center sills. In 1934 and 1941 eight of the cars (Nos. 819, 812, 837, 839, 842, 844, 848 and 849) had baggage compartments added and became passenger and baggage combines 553-558, 563 and 564.

In 1940 ten of the cars entered maintenance service. Most of these lasted into the mid-1950s, and two received Burlington Northern maintenance numbers. From 1943 through 1945 a number of the cars were then renumbered as 850-880 (not in order). A 1950 diagram shows that by this time 851, 852, 855-860, 867-869, 878 and 880 had received steel center sills. From the late 1940s through early 1950s the remainder of the cars left revenue service, the last being 851, 852, 857-859, 867-869, 878 and 880 which were assigned to maintenance ervice in August 1951.

Most of those assigned to maintenance service lasted into the mid-1950s, with a f lasting until the 1960s and early 1970s

The Kit

The kit has laser cut wood sides, a wood roof and comes with many separate details. Trucks and couplers to be supplied by the modeler.

More Information

Drawings for these cars appeared in the June 1989 issue of Mainline Modeler.

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