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GN 60' Steel RPO Car #23 - 36 kit - HO Scale
GN 60' Steel RPO Car #23 - 36 kit - HO Scale

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GN 60’ Steel RPO Car

HO Scale Produced by NKP Car Company

GN Steel RPO Car 23-36

This kit represents the Great Northern postal cars delivered by Pressed Steel Car Company in 1918. They fulfilled the Railway Mail Service requirement for a steel car with a 60’ mail “apartment,” and replaced the earlier wood postal cars. They were assigned principally to the heavyweight Empire Builder, the heavyweight Oriental Limited of 1947-1951 and the Fast Mail. The kit has the parts needed for the clerestory as it appeared after about 1940. The earlier clerestory arrangement is shown in the drawing on pages 4 and 5 of GNRHS Reference Sheet 111 (December 1986). Parts for the earlier version are available from Bethlehem Car Works, as noted in the kit instruction sheet. This kit is appropriate for service up to 1951. After the delivery of the lightweight postal cars with the 1951 Empire Builder, seven of the heavyweight cars were modified with smaller “A&W” (thermopane) windows in a 3+2 arrangement, and painted in orange and green. They continued in service on the Fast Mail as cars 30-36 until 1967, and were retired thereafter. Changing the windows of the kit to represent the 30-36 cars would be possible, but would be a major undertaking.

The Kit

The kit has etched brass sides, and includes Branchline 6-wheel trucks with Intermountain 36” wheels.

More Information

Information on these cars (including their modifications and rebuildings) can be found, as noted above, in GNRHS Reference Sheet 111 (December 1986).

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Review by  Markus Zöschg
(posted on May 14, 2019)
Please advice me when this kit is available.
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