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GN 350-380 Steel Sheath Baggage Car - HO Scale
GN 350-380 Steel Sheath Baggage Car - HO Scale
GN Baggage 372

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GN 350-380 Series Steel Sheath Baggage Car

This kit represents Great Northern baggage cars numbered 350-357, 360, 362, 364, 365, 372, 373 and 377-380. These cars were received from the Barney & Smith Car Company in 1909 as baggage and express cars with grooved sheath siding. Their original numbers were 1689-1696, 1700, 1702, 1687, 1688, 1673, 1674, 1678-1680 and 1682, respectively. They received steel sheathing and steel underframes (Commonwealth steel center sills) at the Jackson Street Shops in 1922. They were renumbered and rebuilt (some with dynamos) a number of times, but received the 350-380 numbers in the general passenger car renumbering of 1925-1927. From 1946 through 1966 many of these cars were renumbered into maintenance service equipment (see GNRHS Reference Sheet 323). In maintenance service, many cars lasted into the Burlington Northern era, and three received BN numbers.

The kit

HO scale kit is produced for the GNRHS by Bethlehem Car Works. Car sides are resin castings made from 3D printed masters. Includes detail parts and appropriate decals. Trucks and couplers to be added by the modeler.

More info

Information on these cars, including roster information, can be found in GNRHS Reference Sheet 323 (December 2004). Copies are available from GNRHS.

Model and photos courtesy of Ken Middleton.

Customer Reviews

Review by  martin cooper
(posted on October 04, 2015)
The kit arrived with all listed parts. Looks very nice. Optional parts seem not so optional. Things that go on the roof don't seem optional to me. In this kit two roof vents are, optionally, to be represented by brass escutcheon pins from labelle,not listed on their web site. They do have roof vents ,but I don't know which is appropriate. I do need an answer, but easier to add as parts to the kit. Eye bolts, some are finicky about size and may replace any way. Thanks. Marty cooper
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