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GN Second Class Coach - HO Scale
GN Second Class Coach - HO Scale
GN 907 at Great Falls, MT 1937 GN 904 at Seattle, WA 1947 GN Equipment Diagram

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Produced by Bethlehem Car Works

GN Second Class Coaches 900-910, 930, 931

This kit is intended to represent Great Northern second-class coaches numbered as 900 through 910, 930 and 931. These cars operated on the Cascadian from 1935 until about 1955.

They were received in September and October of 1905 (900-910) and November 1907 (930 and 931) from the Barney & Smith Car Company as first class coaches with grooved sheath siding, arch windows and truss-rod wooden underframes.

Their original numbers were 371-377, 379-382, and 4316 and 4317, respectively. In the major renumbering of 1907 and 1908 cars 371-377 and 379-382 became 4252-4258 and 4260-4263.

The cars received steel sheathing and steel center sills at the Jackson Street Shops in the mid-1920s, and as a result were renumbered to 4402, 4403 and 4405-4412. Note that 4316 and 4317 kept these numbers up to this time. No. 4254, the last to be steel sheathed (in 1926) was renumbered directly to 903.

In the major renumbering of 1926-1927 they were renumbered as 900-910, 884 and 885, respectively. In 1928 cars 884 and 885 were renumbered again as 930 and 931.

The cars never received air conditioning equipment and thus were relegated to second class service. The cars had six-wheel trucks with a 10' 6" wheelbase (5' 3" between axles).

The cars differed greatly in details, and it is likely that by the end of their revenue service lives no two were the same. Most had steps with straight fronts (similar to Bethlehem Car Works Part No. 8) while number 907 had curved step fronts (similar to Bethlehem Car Works Part No. 33). Nos. 900-910 had two 16" x 12" brake cylinders, while Nos. 930 and 931 had a single 18' brake cylinder. Most of the cars had Golds heaters, although photographic evidence indicates that at least one car (No. 900) had a Baker heater. The underframe details also differed from car to car, and photos have not been found of both sides of any particular car in revenue service. No evidence has been found that any of these cars had battery boxes.

The cars were greatly modified when they went into maintenance service, as much of the roof detail was stripped off. the heaters were replaced with coal stoves (with more typical stove stacks) and the brakes were commonly replaced with something more similar to freight car brakes. As a consequence, the directions in the kit are primarily aimed at producing a model of revenue service cars, but any car in this series or in maintenance service, could be modeled if the proper detail parts were added.

From 1955 through 1957 the cars were renumbered as maintenance service equipment. Most of them became stockmen's coaches in the X700 series but a few went into the general "O" series. Most of the cars lasted into the Burlington Northern era, with the last car (the former 909, by then renumbered as BN 968059) being sold to a scrapper in 1986.

The Kit

The kit has etched brass sides on a Bethlehem Car Works core kit.

More Information

Information on these cars can be found in GNRHS Reference Sheet 382 (June 2013). Copies are available (see column on the right).

Model and photos courtesy of Ken Middleton.

Customer Reviews

Review by  martin cooper
(posted on September 29, 2015)
There are many optional parts suggested. Many of these could be added at minimal cost,for example the lavatory vent,which is available from Bethlehem car works. The vent suggested was PSC. Perhaps an optional parts bag could be made available. Marty cooper
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