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GN Rider Baggage Car #475-483
GN Rider Baggage Car #475-483

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Produced by NKP Car Company

GN Rider-Baggage Car 475-483

This kit is for the rider-baggage car used on the Fast Mail (Trains 27 and 28) from 1954 to the time of the BN merger. It was also assigned to the Winnipeg Limited.

It has been produced for the GNRHS Company Store by NKP Car Company. These cars were rebuilt in 1954 from baggage and express cars 475-486, which had themselves been rebuilt from tourist sleepers in 1948. The rebuilt cars had a vestibule and an eight-foot flagman’s compartment with desk and heating and sanitary facilities. Cars 484-486 remained in their original 1948 configuration.

An additional two rider-baggage cars were rebuilt in 1956 from the heavyweight café-sleepers assigned to the Winnipeg Limited. These cars (473 and 474) had a slightly different appearance, with two windows rather than one on each side and air conditioning blisters. This kit is not appropriate for these cars without additional kit-bashing. The kit represents cars built with a rounded rather than pedimented roof and ends. These were cars 477 and 480. The kit also has the modern one-window baggage doors which became standard on these cars as of the late 1950s.

For those who would like to model the car with pedimented ends or with the earlier many-windowed doors, NKP will provide the pedimented roof and ends (including styrene strip and instructions) for a cost of $13 and the older doors at a cost $5. Postage and handling is $3. (The brass versions of this car imported by Cascade and Challenger both had pedimented ends and the more modern doors.)

The rider-baggage cars were painted in orange and green, but several (at least 475, 477, 480 and 481) were repainted in Big Sky Blue in the late 1960s. At least one (480) was painted in BN green after the merger.

The Kit

The kit has etched brass sides, styrene roof and ends and Branchline/Atlas underbody and trucks. The modeler must provide decals, which are available from Microscale. Decals for the dark green “railway express agency” lettering were included the Champion Decals HX-22 set (Great Northern Express Reefer and Storage Mail Box Car), which is no longer available. Portland Car and Foundry is preparing a decal set which will replace HX-22. This set is expected to be available by October 2013.

More Information

This series of cars was discussed in Reference Sheet (RS) 291 (Kurt E. Armbruster, “Great Northern’s Rider-Storage-Mail Cars: Railroading from the Rear End”), March 2001 and in RS 370 (John R. Westley and Kenneth R. Middleton, “Great Northern Head End Cars Part X – Rebuilds of the 1940s and 1950s”), September 2011. Both include numerous photos; a detailed drawing is included in RS 370.

Model and photos courtesy of Ken Middleton.

Customer Reviews

Review by  Tom Kloster
(posted on March 19, 2016)
I had problems gluing the sides and vestibule doors the roof. Despite these minor problems the car is very easy to build.
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