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GN Baggage Mail and Express Cars #72-93 kit - HO Scale
GN Baggage Mail and Express Cars #72-93 kit - HO Scale
GN Baggage Mail Express Car

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GN Baggage Mail and Express Cars #72-93 Kit - HO Scale

This kit for a baggage, mail and express car in the 72-93 series has been developed for the GNRHS Company Store by Bethlehem Car Works. These cars were delivered in 1913 by American Car and Foundry as Numbers 800-821. They became 72-93 in the major passenger car renumbering of 1926-1927. These cars had steel fishbelly underframes but wooden car bodies. They had 30-foot mail compartments. The cars lasted in revenue service until the mid-1950’s. Many of them were transferred to maintenance service at that time, and most of these lasted well into the Burlington Northern era (two received BN numbers). It should be noted that No. 73 (later X7811) received steel sheathing in 1926, so consequently would not be an appropriate number for this wood-sided kit. While no evidence has been found in GN records, photograph evidence indicates that 82 (later X7810) was also steel sheathed. Because these cars didn’t enter maintenance service until the mid-1950’s, it is likely that they all received the mineral red maintenance colors rather than the gray.

The kit

HO scale laser cut wood kit produced for the GNRHS by Bethlehem Car Works. Decals included. Trucks and couplers to be added by the modeler.

More info

More Info: This series of cars was discussed in Reference Sheets 32 (June 1977) and 100 (December 1985). A diagram and builders photo for these cars is shown in Reference Sheet 32 and a roster appears in Reference Sheet 100. There are photographs of these cars in service on the cover and page 2 of Reference Sheet 100.

Model and photos courtesy of Ken Middleton.

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