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Montana's Marias Pass: Early GN Mileposts and BNSF Guide - CD E-Book
Montana's Marias Pass: Early GN Mileposts and BNSF Guide - CD E-Book
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John R. Coy and Robert C. Del Grosso
Digitized and added-on to by John R. Coy

E-Book Dedicated to Glacier National Park’s Centennial: 1910-2010.


Way back in 1996, a wonderful little book was written about the Great Northern Railway’s arrival in northwestern Montana. The book relayed factual historical information as well as colorful true tales about the subsequent development of the High-Line towns/places, and the idea for the creation of Glacier National Park. It sold out quickly.

This book was not and is not just a railroad history book. It is much, much more! Many interesting true stories about the time and places on this untamed frontier brings to light the drama, humor, sadness and glory days of the wild northwest.

Marias Pass Book Highlights:

  • History/Creation/Birth of Glacier National Park.
  • History of the “High-Line” (Northern Montana).
  • History of the Great Northern Railway.
  • Condensed histories of places/towns/mileposts from Shelby to Whitefish across Marias Pass.
  • Hill Haters! (James J. Hill, founder of Great Northern Railway)
  • Montana’s most famous world weavyweight championship boxing match.
  • “Smokin’ em up!” on the Turkey Trail Trains.
  • Sabotage! Train crash kills engineer.
  • Rootin’ Tootin’ shooting.
  • Cowboy kills chair.
  • County Splitters cause fistfights.
  • My town is especially better than your town.
  • “Drowning” adversaries into submission.
  • A tale of adventure: Find the “hidden pass” (Marias) in the dead of winter, in sub-zero cold.
  • When the “boom” should have been lowered.
  • “The toughest and meanest town in the world.” - McCarthyville.
  • How not doing your job saves your life.
  • Buried alive and gone forever.
  • Death of a steam shovel.
  • Ambush in the canyon.
  • Where are the waterfalls?
  • The fur-bearing fish duel.
  • Being polite to stumps and blowing the safe.

And more, more, more!

Fifteen digitally reproduced Great Northern Railway original and historic blueprints have been attached as a separate file on the CD.

Some blueprints are quite large/detailed and include the towns of: Cut Bank, Blackfoot, East Glacier, Essex, West Glacier, and Columbia Falls, and there are other smaller blueprints which included places like: Virden, Arklow-Cataract, Kilroy, Kipp, and others. All of these original/historical blueprints have been donated to and will be displayed at the Izaak Walton Inn, by May 2010.

The CD also includes the original BNSF Guide for rail-fanning, included in the original softbound version.

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