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GNRHS Awards

Over the years, GNRHS has presented awards in recognition of individuals who have made significant contributions to the Society.

Empire Builder Award - For service to the Society by former Great Northern veterans.

Presidents' Hustle Muscle Award - Given by GNRHS President to members who provide leadership, over a sustained time period (years), and effective contributions to major GNRHS activities.

Rocky's Award - Individual has made substantial contributions to the delivery of services, new developments and functioning of the organization.

award.jpg (329894 bytes) <--click on the graphic for a sample Rocky's Award plaque.

Directors' James J. Hill Award - Presented by vote of GNRHS Board of Directors to President of Society.

GNRHS award recipients

The following members have received GNRHS awards:

Empire Builder Award

Earl J. Currie

Anthony R. "Tony" De Rosa

pdx_con26.jpg (67872 bytes)
Robert W. Downing

Ron Erickson

Walter A. "Walt" Grecula

Richard E. Johnson

Tom Lamphier

John Langlot

Bill McGinley

Byron D. Olsen

dave_sprau.jpg (10000 bytes)
Dave Sprau

Dr. John F. Strauss, Jr.

President's Hustle Muscle Award

DuaneConnie.JPG (234000 bytes)
Connie and Duane Buck

ray_chappell.JPG (108618 bytes)
Ray Chappell

geg_day2_11.JPG (62024 bytes)
Martin Evoy III

Philip W. Gjevre

pdx_con16.jpg (39752 bytes)
Stuart Holmquist

ff40.JPG (99649 bytes)
Mike Lunak

Ken Middleton

Fr. Dale Peterka

Norm Priebe

Bill Sornsin

jthomas.jpg (52115 bytes)
John Thomas

Peter Thompson

bev_and_john.JPG (63508 bytes)
Bev and John Tracy

Rocky's Award

Duane Amdahl

rockys_bruce.JPG (100695 bytes)
Bruce Barsness

ray_chappell.JPG (108618 bytes)
Ray Chappell

Jim Chinquist

Doug Complin

dave_durfee.jpg (68888 bytes)
Dave Durfee

Staffan Ehnbom

Ed Erickson

ff24.JPG (78309 bytes)
Ron Erickson

Phil Gjevre

Bruce Goeser

Connie Hoffman

Jack Hoover

Bob Kelly

Andy Kern

Jim Knollmiller

Lindsay Korst

Don McGlothlin

Cassandra Middleton

Ken Middleton

Jeff Otto

Fr. Dale Peterka

Jack Porzig

Norm Priebe

Ben Ringnalda

geg_day1_06.JPG (75739 bytes)
John Robinson

rockys_cliff.JPG (94877 bytes)
Cliff Salmon

Duane Sebelius

Ed Stankard

Scott Tanner

jthomas.jpg (52115 bytes)
John Thomas

Marilyn Thomas

Dave Thorsett

Stan Townsend

Phil Webb

John Westley

Directors' James J. Hill Award

Duane Buck

ff43.JPG (77185 bytes)
Dr. James Larson