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Page Nine

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Note: E.B. is Empire Builder colors; Green is Pullman Green

Steam Locomotives: Black
Extra engine tenders X-3200 to X3299 and auxiliary water cars used with locomotives and locomtive cranes: Black
Electric Locomotives: E.B.
Diesel Locomotives: E.B.
Heater Cars: E.B.
R.P.O. Cars No. 23 to 36: E.B.
B.M.&E. Cars No. 37 to 42, 52 to 71, 94 to 97, 1100 to 1108: E.B.
Other B.M.&E. Cars: Green
Mail Storage Cars 253 to 258: E.B.
Baggage & Express No. 262 to 276, 300 to 307, 475 to 495: E.B.
Others: Green
Baggage-Dormitory No 1200 to 1205: E.B.
Express Refrigerator No. 1900 to 2139: Green
Express Refrigerator No. 2200 to 2249: E.B.
Box Express No. 2500: Natural Aluminum
Box Express No. 2501 to 2549: Green
Box Express No. 2600 to 2649: E.B.
Baggage & Passenger No. 565 to 586: Green
Motor Cars 2302 to 2341, X-838: E.B.
Coaches No. 600 to 931, 1000 to 1004: Green
Coaches No. 938 to 999, 1110 to 1226: E.B.
Dining Cars No. 1030 to 1255: E.B.
Dormitory Cars No. 670 to 675: Green
Cafe-Observation No. 1057 to 1064: Green
Cafe-Parlor No. 1059 to 1060: E.B.
Lunch Dormitory No. 1140 to 1148: E.B.
Parlor Cars No. 1071 to 1086: E.B.
Sleeping Cars No. 1010 to 1379: E.B.
Observation-Lounge No. 1190 to 1295: E.B.
Coach Diners No. 1145 to 1146: E.B.
Parlor Observation No. 1195 to 1196: E.B.
Diner Observation No. 1147: E.B.
Lounge Diner No. 1240 to 1245: E.B.
Business Cars A1 to A2, A5 to A30: E.B.
Business Cars A3 to A4: Green
Instruction Cars B-1 and B-4: E.B.
Instruction Cars B-2 and B-3: Green
Freight and Work Equipment: Freight Car Brown
Derricks, Pile Drivers, Crains: Black
Diesel Cranes - Roadway Machines: Orange
Fuel Oil Tank Cars: Black
Diesel Fuel Oil Tank Cars - Aluminum: Orange dome
Rotary Plows: Freight Car Brown
Rotary Plows Tenders: Black
Passenger Outfit Cars assigned to District Electricians and Pipefitters: Green
Stockman's Coaches: Green
Cabooses: Caboose Red

Standard Drawings are available from the Mechanical Engineer showing stenciling, lettering and painting diagrams for various classes of equipment.