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The attractive lower lounge of the dome coach.

The spacious viewing and seating area of the dome coach.

The inclusion of the consolidated Western Star-Fast Mail winter season consists into this Spokane layout presents problems of train length also. However, the modeler might consider the operating diorama approach. The layout could model that short night time frame of about one and a half-hours when the winter season eastbound and westbound Empire Builder and the Streamliner arrived in Spokane, and then departed from Spokane after considerable transloading of mail and complex switching activities by the two Spokane GN Passenger Station switch engines. They should also be included, working the head-end and the rear of each train, in this operating diorama.

The ideas expressed above formulate a schematic that a modeler might use as the beginning for modeling the Great Dome Empire Builder. It provides the basis for the modeler's ingenuity and creativity as the diorama (layout) emerges into its winter season operational phases with shorter, but still accurate train consists in and around a fantasy terminal area named Spokane.

In summary we have seen how the Great Northern management sought to respond, not only to the pressures of competition, but also to the wishes and demands of their customers - the living, paying passengers - by improving service on the great Empire Builder trains. Budget costs were always a big consideration, but the Great Northern was, to the end, committed to serving the passenger in as grand a style as possible.

After all, the Great Northern slogan was always, "If you want to GO GREAT, then you GO GREAT NORTHERN".

Any excuse to get the GN image in front of the public. A prolific GN Public Relations Department at work again, certainly catching the attention of readers.

(Text reprinted here...the actual size is rather small...):

It's the Streamlined EMPIRE BUILDER'S birthday...but how many candles for the cake - 2, 6 or 10?

Great Northern's Empire Builder - the incomparable streamliner that speeds each day, each way between Chicago and Seattle-Portland - will be 10 years old on February 23.

But, new as it was in 1947 the Empire Builder was fully re-equipped from baggage car to observation lounge in 1951 and in 1955 again was improved by addition of Great Dome cars for coach and Pullman passengers - the third modernization of this world-famous train in 8 years.

That has been the tempo of Great Northern Railway's progress in providing the ultimate in fast, comfortable, passenger service across the scenic top of the nation.

Happy Birthday, Empire Builder - happy second, sixth and tenth birthday! It is truly a great occasion!

For information or reservations write: P.G. Holmes, Passenger Traffic Manager, Great Northern Railway, St. Paul 1, Minn.

Commercial and industrial sites are numerous in the great empire served by Great Northern Railway. For information write E. N. Duncan, Director, Industrial and Agricultural Development, Great Northern Railway, St. Paul 1, Minn.

GNR logo - Offices in Principal Cities of U.S., and Canada

The railway system that, in a very literal sense, has put three new Empire Builder trains on its line in 10 years has also moved swiftly ahead in supplying a superlative quality of freight service. For information on this aspect of Great Northern, write W. E. Nicholson, General Freight Traffic Mgr., Great Northern Railway, St. Paul 1, Minn.