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Monday, July 15

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Monday, we started off early to tour the Portland Streetcar maintenance facility and ride one of the cars.  From left to right:  "Zell Bros" car #514; GNRHS tour group riding on car 514; Local convention chairman, Mike Talviste and 514's operator; a new Czech-built (Skoda) Portland streetcar.

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Next stop was the former SP Brooklyn roundhouse.  From left to right:  SP 4449 dressed up in red, white and blue; SP&S 700; an Alco PA; 4449 and 700 together with their fans.

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From left to right:  Former GN executive Bob Downing and GN 274 F unit; Kert Peterson and the Nickel Plate Alco; a former SP&S coach; a former GN tender.

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From Cascade Locks, OR, we boarded the Columbia River sternwheeler and had a cruise and buffet lunch up and down the river.  From left to right:  "Columbia Gorge" sternwheeler with GNRHS tour boarding; GNRHS webmaster Lindsay Korst and GN Empire webmaster Ben Ringnalda enjoy the view from on board.