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December 2016 Presidents Message

Fellow Goats,
As I write this, we have just finished the second most attended convention in GNRHS history. Ranking just behind the 2010 Glacier Park Convention, 250+ members, spouses and significant others were in attendance at Spokane. Mary McGlothlin has a report in this issue of the Goat summarizing our 2016 convention and some of its highlights.
This was Ed Erickson’s last convention as our National Convention Officer and, on behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank him for his time and work over the last 6 years. Many thanks to Ben Ringnalda who worked long distance from the Netherlands to put together very successful tour on the GN in Spokane. Finally, I would like to thank our Spokane Local Chairman and Vice President, John Langlot, who put in over 4 years of work arranging tours, working with local vendors on various items and running all over Spokane making sure that all of our attendees would enjoy their time at the convention.
The time card for next year’s convention in Sioux Falls, South Dakota is starting to fill out and if you have never attended one of our get togethers, please consider coming and spending some time with fellow members learning about the Great Northern’s history and just having some fun.
The summary board minutes are included in this Goat; please read them over and if you have any questions, please contact me or any of the board members and we will get back to you right away.
As in past conventions, the Board handed out several awards to recognize those individuals who have given their time and efforts to the GNRHS. The first award was the Empire Builder Award which is given to a Great Northern Railway veteran for service to the Society; Mac McCulloch was the recipient this year. Rocky Award recipients this year for their service to the Society were Bob Showers, Mike Bartenstein and Mary McGlothlin; congratulations and thank you each for your hard work making the GNRHS a successful organization. As of the writing of this note, the Board is still in discussion regarding awards for the Heritage Fund, so I will include information on those awards in my March 2017 letter.
Last month we had another of our officers suffer a serious illness. Chuck Hatler, our reference sheet editor, suffered a serious stroke and is presently recovering at home. If you would like to send him a get well note you can reach him at his home, 8627 NE 75 Terrace., Kansas City MO. 64185.
If you are interested in contributing to the Goat magazine our editor, Ed Stankard, would welcome your contribution. The article does not have to be as long as a reference sheet and personal stories are the ideal. If you are interested, contact our editor at or by phone at 913-227-9383.
Finally, as we come to the Holiday Season and the close of another year, I would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays, a joyous Christmas and a very Happy New Year.


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New HO car kits added to the Company Store

GN First Class Coach
GN First Class Coach

The GNRHS is happy to announce several new products in the Company Store.

Available now are a three different HO scale car kits made by Bethlehem Car Works.

  • GN 950 Series First Class Coach
  • Empire Builder Pullman 8-1-2 Sleeper
  • GN #O3175 Wood Outfit Car

The Outfit Car is in short supply so order soon! Check out all three kits in the Company Store now.

Empire Builder Pullman 8-1-2 Sleeper

Empire Builder Pullman 8-1-2 Sleeper

GN Outfit Car O3175

GN Outfit Car O3175

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2016 Spokane Convention DVD now available

2016 Spokane DVD
2016 Spokane DVD

The GNRHS is happy to present the 2016 Spokane Convention DVD in the Company Store.

If you missed the 2016 Spokane Convention or would like to see the presentations again this is a must have. This set includes all of the activities, events and presentations at the convention.

This is a 13-disc set of full convention coverage including presentations on Spokane railroading, Hillyard, modeling, and much, much more. Also included is footage of the River City Modelers and Evergreen model railroad clubs and a bonus” section: about 30 minutes of “classic GN scenes today” with tidbits like Latah Creek bridge, Marias Pass, Two Medicine bridge, Cut Bank bridge, and other scenes along the High Line with orange power.

Check it out in the Company Store!

Looking for older Convention DVDs? Many are still available here.



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