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Duane Buck

I’m sad to report to the membership that Duane Buck passed away last Friday, September 8th. Duane was a past president of the Society as well as the Editor Emeritus of the Goat Modeling pages. Duane was always available to answer anyones question and was dedicated to the GNRHS. Duane will be missed by all.

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New: GNRHS Goat Digital Edition

GNRHS Goat Digital Edition
GNRHS Goat Digital Edition

The GNRHS Goat is going digital!

Starting with the September 2017 issue the GNRHS Goat will also be available as a Digital Edition.

Download the entire GNRHS Goat package to your favourite electronic device and read it anywhere; at home, at work or on the go.

The Digital Edition is downloadable in PDF format and can also be printed on your home printer.

Order the Digital Goat from our online Store and receive an automatic email containing links to download each item in the Goat package.

Order and download the September 2017 GNRHS Digital Goat package now.

Older issues and separate Reference Sheets and Modelers’ Pages will also be released in digital format in the future. Stay tuned!

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2018 GNRHS Calendar now available

2018 GNRHS Calendar
2018 GNRHS Calendar

The GNRHS 20178 Calendar is now available. GNRHS Members receive the calendar in their September Goat package but extra copies can be ordered via the GNRHS Company store.

The calendar is also available for purchase by non-members.

Find more details on the 2018 Calendar in the Company Store.


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