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Annual GNRHS Board Meeting Agenda – Sioux Falls Convention

Hello Everyone,

The following will be the agenda for the annual board meeting at the Sioux Falls Convention.  The board meeting will start on Sunday morning at 8:00am.

Don McGlothlin



  1. Approval of the 2016 Spokane Board Meeting Minutes
  2. Officers Reports
    1. Presidents Report
      1. Update of Operations Manual
    2. PNRA
    3. Treasure
    4. Publications
      1. Proof Reader Discussion
    5. Company Store
    6. Web Site
    7. Hobby Store
    8. Archive
      1. New Software Update
      2. Remote Cataloging Update
    9. Hustle Muscle
      1. Update on the Engine Repair
      2. Money required for Repair
    10. Membership
      1. New Ideas for Recruitment
      2. Feedback on why members are not renewing memberships
      3. Milwaukee 2018 update
    11. Conventions
      1. Update – Sioux Falls
        1. ADA Interpreter Discussion
      2. Update – Bellingham WA. – 2018
      3. Update – Fargo 2019
      4. Update – Nelson BC – 2020
      5. Discussion of location for 2021
    12. Heritage Fund Awards
      1. Approval – West Coast Railway – $2500 (2nd year – approved 2016)
      2. Approval – Ferry County – $2000 (3rd Year of 4 – approved 2016)
      3. Discussion – Award – Mille Lacs Co. Historical Society -$2600
    13. Approval of Budgets
    14. New Items
    15. Adjourn Meeting

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June GNRHS Goat has shipped

GNRHS Goat 171

The June 2017 GNRHS Goat package has shipped to our Members.

See its contents.

Copies of this issue are available for purchase through our Company Store for both members as well as non-members.

Consider joining today to get the Goat included FREE in your membership, and to get other great GNRHS products at a discount. Join here!

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Hustle Muscle

As some of you might know, Hustle Muscle has been at the Northtown Diesel Shops over the last week undergoing routine maintenance and inspections.  Unfortunately during the inspections it was found the Hustle Muscle has incurred a catastrophic engine failure, a broken crankshaft in two different locations.

The Hustle Muscle committee is looking into various options for Hustle Muscle and we will report those options as well as any board action back to the membership in the near future.

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