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...1/3 ratio of BASF R-M #891 Flex Agent to the paint. The flex agent is normally used on automobile plastic bumpers. It is expensive - around $30 a pint (a lifetime supply if safeguarded properly). It comes in a metal can, and exposure to light will shorten the shelf life. Be careful not to get this product on your skin and use in a well-ventilated area, and preferably with a respirator. Mix in small batches, just enough for immediate use to preserve quantity and because of short shelf life when mixed and exposure to light.

Photo No. 6. This photo shows how detailed model is enhanced by painting the handrails and MU hose fittings.

In closing, let me make three additional suggestions. First, always replace the plastic couplers with the more substantial metal KD 5's. This will prevent operational problems in the future. Second, replace the unsightly MU hoses with the more prototypically-correct ones from D/A. If you don't replace the original MU hoses, at least touch up the, fittings with aluminum paint. Third, remove the truck sideframes and paint black to cover the shiny plastic appearance.

Materials List

EVERGREEN E/G #111 .015 X .030" Strip Styrene
E/G #116 .015 x .125" Strip Styrene
E/G #9015 .015 Sheet Styrene. .,
CAL-SCALE C/S #BE-322 Hooded Bell
DETAILS WEST D/W #SA-319 Spark Arresters
D/W #WH-164 Winterization Hatch
D/W #AH-190 Airhorn
KADEE K/D #5 Couplers
CLOVER HOUSE C/H #888 40 Mesh Nylon


This section is devoted to answering GNRHS members' questions. A code system has been developed to assist in identifying the questions and responses. This will allow members to more easily recover this information and to give a topic reference point. The code system is simple and this is how it works. Example: 6/03-4D. The first number represents the month. The second number indicates the year. The third number and accompanying letter indicate the question number and topic- in this case it would be question number one in the (D) diesel category. The topics are broken down as follows: C - Caboose, D - Diesel, E - Electric, F - Freight Cars, G - General Modeling, M - Maintenance-of-Way/Non-Revenue, P - Passenger Cars, S - Steam, ST - Structures.

Questions are encouraged. Please send them to my snail mail or e-mail address which can be found at the end of the Modelers' Pages.

9/03-1C: A friend of mine would like to scratchbuild the unique "Hutch" caboose, but is not able to find any details or dimensions. Can you help?

Reply: GNRHS Reference Sheets Nos. 11 and 132 contain information on both the original X-100, and the modified and renumbered X-181 version. Both Reference Sheets are available through back issue sales from the GNRHS.