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This quarter's modeling project involves adding detail to the LIFE-LIKE P-2000 HO GP7 PH I to make the model more prototypically correct. This same information can be used on GP7 models in other gauges and scales.

The detail format was taken from GP7 #606 as pictured on page 18 of Shine's GREAT NORTHERN COLOR PICTORIAL Volume 1, and is representative of one of many configurations used by GN. It is recommended that all added detail parts be painted prior to installation. Please see the "before" and "after" photos Nos. 1 and 2.

Photo No. 1 (BEFORE)

Photo No. 2 (AFTER)

Photo No. 3. This photo shows the "square" winterization hatch and how it should appear when completed.

Start by cutting off the factory-installed airhorns on the short hood. Use close-cutting sprue cutters to leave the remaining base flush with hood roof. I chose no further action involving the removed airhorn base as GN frequently cut off and added appliances to their diesels.

The next step is to "fabricate" a "square" winterization hatch. Please see photo No. 3. A study of early GP and F units clearly shows the use of square hatches as opposed to those with the rounded edges of the standard EMD issue. It would appear that GN fabricated these "square" hatches, from sheet metal, prior to ordering later locos with the standard EMD hatch. The "square" (actually rectangular, but called square because of the absence...