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Photo No. 7. An overall view of FT's #251 A and B.

Photo No. 8. A nose view of FTA #251.

Photo No. 9. A close-up view of the detail on #251A. Note the airtank, scratchbuilt piping, and "squirrel cage" spark arresters.

These FT units are superdetailed and custom painted STEWART models. FT's #250 A/B and #251 A/B were unique because they were dedicated to passenger service and the only FT's with dual headlights. In addition to adding the airtank, piping, spark arresters, large number boards, sand hatches, new airhorns, grabs, handrails, windshield wipers, stainless steel grilles, wind deflectors, speed recorder, all connectors between A and B units were included. Water fill ports and steam generator fittings were added to the B unit only. Nut, bolt and washer castings were used throughout. PORTLAND CAR & FOUNDRY decal stripes and MICROSCALE lettering were used.


I'd still like to have you include your geographic location in your correspondence. It's the only way that Connie and I can find you when we are in your area so we can just drop in for dinner. JUST KIDDING, AGAIN.

In closing, I have a favor to ask. If anyone has official GN diesel paint diagrams for the intermediate (orange and green-no stripes) schemes and is willing to share these diagrams, please contact me. I will be happy to pay for any copying and mailing costs.

Happy Railroading!

I can be contacted at:

Duane Buck
10 Broken Lance Way
Sedona, AZ 86351-8928
Phone: (928) 284-2015