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1. With such a busy summer schedule, I'm "sandwiching" the Modelers' Pages (M/P's) in between events. Our journey to Illinois, in June, was enjoyable in spite of my being ill throughout. My health improved prior to and during our journey to Toronto for the NMRA National (International?) Convention. For those of you who may have decided to skip Toronto, you missed out on one of the best organized and enjoyable conventions we have attended. Once this set of M/P's is completed, we are off for California. We did miss not being able to see all of our friends in Havre, but we'll remedy that situation, in Spokane, next year.

2. Since I've not received any outside inputs for the Favorite Photo section, you will have to suffer through viewing my models once again. The featured model chosen was by request of a fellow GNRHS member. Hopefully, in the December M/P's we'll be able to feature someone else's work. It's up to you.

3. As many of you may know, the trade show, which was a part of the Toronto convention, was cancelled. This meant that there was no opportunity for me to go around and talk to the many manufacturers and importers as I usually do. However, there is much good news for the GN modeler as you will see in the comments below.

4. In June, I spent two enjoyable days at the Galesburg (Illinois) Railroad Days. For those of you who have not attended, or considered attending this event, you might want to do so. There were well over 300 vendors, so there were lots of "goodies" and bargains for the modeler and railfan. This is an annual event that occurs during the last weekend in June. Try it, you'll like it!

5. Much of the information on new products that you find in the M/P's can also be found on the internet. However, the internet does not provide the in-depth information found in the M/P's. The M/P's provide information with regard to prototypical accuracy for GN, series numbers, delivery dates and other comments on improving accuracy. Often, personal information received from manufacturer's representatives provides more insight and information about their intentions.


Prior to our departure for Toronto, I received a phone call from Chuck Friedlein, of LIFE-LIKE fame. He informed me that L/L intends to produce a new GE U-28-B model. GN had six units in the 2524-2529 series delivered 6/66. This will be a welcomed replacement for the old "wide bodied" units produced by ATHEARN. Additionally, L/L intends to release a new run of E7A's. Unfortunately, there appears to be no intent to retool and correct the E7 nose contours. L/L is also thinking about a GP9 Ph I project. The Phase I's have never been done in plastic and would be a welcomed model, indeed. The GN Phase I's were included in the 656-680 series which were delivered 3-4-5/54, with 679 and 680 being boiler-equipped and having large fuel tanks and air reservoirs (torpedo tubes) on top of the hoods. If the decision is made to proceed with the Phase I project, we probably wouldn't see the models until late next year. Information for these models has been forwarded. All are HO scale models. . ,

Other news from LIFE-LIKE indicates that they will be producing the P-2000 GN SD45's in the near future. The first GN releases will be #400 (HUSTLE MUSCLE) and #415 in the orange and green livery. The models will be of the "intermediate" phase or second SD 45 delivery to GN that included the 408-417 series (4/67). While #400 was an "early" phase version and this configuration and side number will not be totally accurate, this model should prove to be a fine one in view of the high quality P-2000 offerings of the...