2005 Model
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These models are SOLD OUT.

ff_model1.JPG (94863 bytes)ff_model1b.JPG (83163 bytes)

GN 73732

ff_model2.JPG (92969 bytes)ff_model2b.JPG (73725 bytes)

GN 73743

2005 GNRHS Freight Cars

The year 2005 cars, first available at the Fergus Falls Convention, is a two bay open hopper car.  It comes in 2 different numbers, 73732 & 73743.  The prototype was originally from the 73000 series built by Canton Car Company in 1929 & 1930.  The 73700 series were rebuilt for special service in 1955 and 1956.  Accurail produced our models.  These cars sell for $12.00 each plus shipping of $6.00 per order.

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